BURBANK, Calif., – February 16, 2012 National Merchants Association (NMA) will be an exhibitor at the Valley Business Expo scheduled for Thursday, February 23, 2012 from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm at the Los Angeles Marriott Burbank Airport Hotel. Expo 2012 will showcase products, services, resources and expertise to businesses from throughout the San Fernando Valley and Greater Los Angeles region. A leader in providing merchants the best credit card processing rates, NMA works with companies to identify maximum cost savings for long-term business success by using their proprietary account optimization process. Visit nationalmerchants.org.

NMA will showcase their services and membership opportunities including eCommerce services, credit card terminal options, QuickBooks® integration financial software, pre-paid pin-based ATM/POS debit cards for Payroll integration, automatic payments and deposits to the business’ bank account, EBT card processing, and more.  NMA even has a specific department earmarked towards helping merchants who have been faced with challenges by other processors.

How NMA works
NMA facilitates transactions for thousands of merchants nationwide and educates business owners about merchant services rules and regulations while reducing fees. NMA works on behalf of businesses to eliminate credit card transaction costs including interchange fees, PCI compliance fees, statement fees, customer service fees, and debit access fees. While businesses cannot eliminate interchange fees, they can avoid overpaying by having a third party group like NMA optimize their processing contracts.

Founded in 2004, NMA serves as an advocacy group for small and medium-sized business owners and is the only association in the United States working to eliminate the unnecessary and unreasonable costs associated with accepting credit cards. NMA operates nationwide through 17 regional offices, as it continues to dominate the retail independent sales organization space.

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