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Credit Repair Merchant Account Solutions

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Accepting cash only isn’t really an option these days, which is why we use our expertise to help businesses conduct electronic transactions.

Merchants operating in the credit repair industry understand that accepting debit and credit cards is crucial to business success. This is especially true for businesses accepting payments via e-commerce or over the phone.


  • Industry’s history of chargebacks
  • Perceived risks within the business category
  • Hesitation of banks and card brands to allow electronic processing within industry

Fortunately, National Merchants Association (NMA) can help credit repair businesses acquire a merchant account.

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Accepted Business Types

Credit repair businesses may find it difficult to secure electronic payment processing services due to the current regulatory landscape and its direct impact on the industry. Statutes like the Credit Repair Organizations Act, as well as others, often prohibit and restrict certain business models, and penalize merchants for non-compliance.

Regulatory and compliance issues are only a few reasons why credit repair businesses should seek a merchant services provider with extensive industry expertise. With the right merchant services pricing and solutions, credit repair businesses can experience growth and longevity in their highly regulated industries. NMA has the best interest of your high-risk business in mind. We provide processing for:

» Domestic, U.S.-based accounts
» Brick-and-mortar businesses
» E-commerce businesses
» MOTO businesses
» Credit repair businesses

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What to Expect

For any NMA merchant account, a basic package is required to get started:

» Signed and completed merchant processing application (MPA)
» Validation of settlement bank account (voided check or bank letter)
» Validation of business entity (articles of incorporation, fictitious name filings etc)
» Validation of ownership (driver’s license/passport, beneficial ownership information, etc)
» Supporting financial documentation (personal and/or corporate tax returns, bank statements, processing statements)
» Thorough review of the merchant’s website that includes vetting of the service and compliance requirements

NMA’s in-house underwriting team processes the merchant account package, and may request additional documents to supplement the overall underwriting review. The more complete an application package, the faster NMA can expedite the underwriting process.

NMA’s in-house underwriting team facilitates streamlined communication and customizes processing solutions that work for your business. You can expect a unique, personal experience when working with NMA.

Fraud Wrangler™

NMA has partnered with Fraud Wrangler™, a unique dispute resolution system and accompanying fraud-fighting platform that seamlessly integrates with nutra merchant accounts to prevent fraud and mitigate risk. Through integrations with the merchant’s CRM, leading fraud detection partners, and the merchant account, Fraud Wrangler™ prevents inbound disputes from becoming full-fledged chargebacks.

Fraud Wrangler™ was designed for merchants of all types and is specifically tailored for businesses that depend on e-commerce and card-not-present transactions. Each element of Fraud Wrangler™ provides a unique benefit that enhances its effectiveness and ensures increased security and protection for merchants. Along with improved safety measures comes Fraud Wrangler’s ultimate goal of reducing dispute occurrences, saving merchants more time and money than ever before. From representment to fraud shield, Fraud Wrangler is an all-encompassing package designed to keep MIDs alive and active longer. Learn More »

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Credit Repair Businesses: Why They’re Considered High Risk

Credit repair businesses operate in a business environment that is dependent upon clientele with a history of making unfavorable financial decisions. As a result, it takes time for credit repair services to improve consumer credit scores. Most businesses require a recurring, monthly subscription – making the merchant susceptible to chargebacks that typically plague subscription-based services. Consumers, not seeing expected credit profile changes, may file a chargeback for services not rendered, and may even dispute transactions. This is a form of friendly fraud that occurs when consumers dispute transactions, and can lead to a high chargeback ratio.

Credit repair businesses are also often associated with unlawful and fraudulent organizations. These fraudsters tarnish the reputation of the industry, and lead credit repair companies to advertise unrealistic outcomes and unsubstantiated claims – leading regulators and acquiring banks to avoid doing business with these companies.

Working with a merchant services provider who understands the industry and the complicated regulatory environment is crucial to merchant success. Merchants need a merchant account that will receive personal attention and expertise in high-risk payment processing and credit repair.

High risk doesn’t mean corrupt. High risk means that your merchant account needs additional maintenance and attention to keep it healthy and successful.

High-risk merchants can count on NMA to provide exemplary merchant account services, as well as the necessary expertise required to provide reliable, long-term payment processing for the debt collections and credit repair industries.

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