Learn the Benefits of Gift and Loyalty Card Processing!

Gift Cards

Gift cards provide amazing benefits to merchants. From increased cash flow, consumer spending, and repeat visits, gift cards generate sales at the time of purchase and encourage additional sales when they are redeemed. Gift cards guarantee repeat customers and future business! Likewise, when consumers typically spend more than the value of their card, merchants enjoy added profit and increased sales.

Loyalty Cards

Did you know?

Over their lifetime, loyal customers spend 10 times more. And while loyal customers may make up only 20% of a merchant’s consumer base, they drive 80% of the revenue. This “small” group of consumers also makes up 72% of total visits to a business.

Encourage loyalty! Loyalty cards drive repeat business by creating incentives for shoppers. Merchants can use gift and loyalty cards to promote new products, new store locations, special events, and sales.

  • Pre-Designed Cards: Pre-designed card packages are the fastest and easiest way to launch your gift and loyalty program. Simply choose from one of our professionally designed templates and we’ll take care of the rest. Your cards can be delivered to your location in a matter of days.
  • Custom Cards: This package allows you to create a completely customized card to build your brand image. Create your own artwork or have our graphic artists design a card to your liking. We offer the fastest custom card delivery in the industry!
  • A La Carte Cards: The a la carte gift and loyalty program provides merchants with the opportunity to individually select any quantity of cards, table tents, window decals, static clings, and card carriers. Tailor the package to the exact needs of your business. This option is perfect for special events and promotions!

Features of Gift and Loyalty Cards:

  • Online tracking and reporting for merchants and consumers.
  • Cards issued instead of cash-back refunds.
  • Customizable rewards and point levels on loyalty cards.
  • Compatible with credit card terminals and POS systems.
  • Great for employee incentives.
  • Eliminates risk of fraud from paper certificates.
  • Multiple locations or franchises can share the same card.
  • Revenue from multiple locations can be pooled into one account.

Why Consumers Love Gift Cards:

  • High-tech, upscale form of payment.
  • No manual handling of paper.
  • Convenient and fun.
  • Allows specific benefits.
  • Great for co-workers, teachers, kids, or service personnel.

Why Owners and Managers Love Gift Cards:

  • Keeps consumers shopping in their establishment.
  • Card programs are easily managed.
  • Increased cash flow.
  • Accurate and secure.
  • Eliminates fraud, abuse, and forgery.
  • Has no value until activated by an authorized employee.
  • Easy to promote at POS, allowing for impulse purchases.
  • Funds received on gift cards can be placed in interest-bearing accounts.
  • Seriously reduces accounting and administrative headaches of manual paper systems.
  • Can be used in conjunction with loyalty or rewards programs.

Real Time Transaction Reporting:

Use our merchant administration portal to view gift and loyalty card transactions in real time. Detailed transaction reports let you see a wide variety of customer information and habits. You can track usage data and customer behavior to determine the effectiveness of your gift card and loyalty programs.

Your customers can check their card balances at getyourbalance.com at no charge to you. Encourage your them to register their card and start building your customer database and growing your marketing lists today!