What is High Risk Merchant Account & Processing?

Contrary to how it sounds, “high risk” isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Much of the time, it simply refers to the type of goods and services a merchant is selling or the industry they do business in. Additionally, “high risk” is a category generally reserved for merchants where card-not-present transactions are the norm, like on websites or ecommerce, for instance.

High risk businesses typically face higher payment processing costs because what they sell is considered riskier than other goods and services in the eyes of banks and other financial institutions – it’s not as simple as a merchant having not-so-strong financials.

The Solution

Whether you operate a high risk business or have credit issues, National Merchants Association’s high risk merchant account experts can Work For You® to get your merchant account approved today! Our specialized account maintenance helps ensure longevity.

NMA is a leading processor of high risk merchant account solutions for a variety of business types. Our payment processing solutions can save your business a lot of money while helping you process and receive deposited funds quicker than other processors. Through strategic partnerships around the world, we’re able to provide your business with the best merchant account options available. This not only helps increase your bottom line, but also works for you and your business to continuously produce efficiency and increase profitability.