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Surcharge Made Simple

No-Cost Credit Card Processing by the Surcharge Experts

A Super-Charged Program

NMA’s surcharge program allows merchants to pass credit card processing costs onto the consumer, potentially saving business owners thousands of dollars annually.

Experience no-cost credit card processing.

Benefits of the Program

Dollar signs - ArrowMerchants receive 100% of the sales price when customers pay by credit card - zero transaction fees!
Credit card compliance - iconCompliant with major credit card networks and with individual state restrictions
Seamless integration arrows - iconSeamless integration with compatible POS systems
Alert - iconAutomatic surcharge alert and notice of alternative payment options

Merchants have the ability to offer consumers transactions free of surcharge when paid with something other than a credit card - like cash, checks, debit cards, gift cards, and more.

How Does It Work?

NMA’s Surcharge Program uses a pass-through processing system that may integrate with a merchant’s existing POS software, or terminal.

  • Pre-analyzes each transaction

  • Automatically detects whether a customer is using a credit or debit card

  • Displays the amount of the transaction, including the processing fee, before giving customers the option of authorizing or canceling the transaction

  • If a credit card transaction is not authorized by the cardholder, alternative payment methods are suggested

An Easy Way to Increase Revenue

Seamless setup

Applicable to one-time and recurring transactions

Continue to accept all card types

Expert in-house tech support and customer care

Simplifying surcharges for both merchants and consumers is crucial – so is advocating on behalf of merchants so they can freely operate within their respective markets. The state of surcharges is currently changing and NMA works to stay ahead of the curve, providing merchants with industry-advancing products and services.


Surcharge, Cash Discount, and Convenience Fees – What’s the Difference?

There’s a lot of misinformation out there. We’re here to clear it up.


A surcharge, otherwise known as a ‘checkout fee,’ is a fee imposed upon the consumer during a credit card transaction that covers the cost to accept the payment method. The POS system or terminal automatically detects when a consumer is paying with a credit card, and imposes the surcharge on that transaction type only. Before the transaction goes through, the POS system or terminal offers alternative payment options such as debit card, check, and cash if the consumer would prefer to avoid a surcharged transaction.

Cash Discount

A cash discount is a marketing and sales tactic that a merchant utilizes, applying a small customer service fee on all customer transactions. This fee is then removed if the customer chooses to pay with cash or in-store gift card. The increase in product/service cost is meant to cover the transaction fee that the merchant pays to accept the electronic payment method.

Convenience Fee

A convenience fee is charged regardless of the payment method. There are additional regulations for convenience fees, including the rule that states convenience fees must only be charged on alternative payment channels. For instance, a merchant can charge a 2% convenience fee on credit card, gift card, e-check, and other payment methods if the customer chooses to pay over the internet versus face to face.

Service Fee

Service fees are fees imposed to cover costs other than payment acceptance. For instance, labor costs, delivery fees, fuel costs, and services fees in lieu of tipping.


How long do I need to wait before surcharging?

Merchants are required to be registered with the card brands for 30 days prior to surcharging. Once you decide to begin surcharging, NMA will notify the card brands and get you set-up.

Do I need to notify customers of the surcharge?

Yes, merchant will need signage at the point-of-entry, point-of-sale, and on the receipt. NMA will ensure that all surcharging merchants have compliant POS systems and terminals with surcharge language printed on the receipt. If you have questions about appropriate surcharge signage at the point-of-sale, please contact NMA merchant support.

Is there a limit to how much can be surcharged?

Yes, currently merchants are limited to a surcharge cap of 4%.

What transactions can I surcharge?

Currently, only credit card transactions can be surcharged. Surcharges cannot be imposed on debit, prepaid, cash or check transactions.