Ecommerce giants like Amazon are experiencing exponential growth while brick-and-mortar retailers continue to close physical locations. Why, then, would savvy online merchants attract customers by using brick-and-mortar window dressing techniques? The short answer is: because they work.

We accept the following:
Nearly every brick-and-mortar store’s front window displays a sign telling patrons which types of payments they accept, and ecommerce retailers may want to do the same on their home pages. It’s frustrating when online shoppers fill their carts only to discover their preferred payment method isn’t accepted once they reach the checkout page. If your online store accepts Mastercard, Visa, Amex, and/or Discover, inform your customers right off the bat. And since some shoppers are hesitant to provide their credit card information online, let them know if you take eChecks or gift cards.

Refresh your ecommerce site frequently
You would never see a department store showcasing swimwear in the dead of winter. Brick-and mortar retailers update their display windows on a continual basis, and online stores might consider following suit. It’s an ideal way to advertise new products, enhance your website’s SEO, and promote special offers.

Speaking of special offers…
An old business maxim states that succeeding in retail is as simple as placing a “SALE!” sign in the window and never taking it down. That holds true today even when the “SALE!” sign is an online banner announcing 30% savings or a customer loyalty program where members receive discount offers via text or email. Just as brick-and-mortar stores take advantage of virtually any occasion to hold a sale, online retailers can create a similar calendar for promoting smoking deals and seasonal specials.

Display eye-catching merchandise up front
Resist the temptation to promote slow-moving products on your opening page. Your site needs to grab the user’s attention immediately and hang on! According to Midwest Marketing, LLC, “A digital storefront is an outlet that showcases your business to the online world. It should reflect your current value proposition and be just as inviting and convenient as your physical location (if you have one).”

Where’s the door?
It’s ironic that brick-and-mortar retailers were among the first to recognize mobile devices as the new “front door” to virtually every type of store. Take a page from their playbook by ensuring that your online content is optimized for mobile and uses images that invite shoppers to come in and browse. Finally, make sure customers can easily select merchandise, use coupons, and choose from a variety of payment methods while shopping on their phones or tablets.

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