You Feed Your Customers, We’ll Process Your Payments!

We provide restaurants with an array of terminal solutions based on their specific needs. Whether yours is a small diner, a fine dining establishment or a corner cafe, we can get you up and running and processing payments of all types.

Features and benefits of restaurant processing:

  • Tips can be adjusted by transaction or server number with the touch of a button, saving servers time to tend to other customers.
  • A tip suggestion on the receipt reduces time spent by the customer figuring out tip percentage, allowing merchants to turn tables faster and increase revenue.
  • Terminals can produce a wide range of reports to save time reconciling daily and monthly statements, including individual server reports.
  • Servers can bring mobile payment terminals to the table and make customers feel secure about their transaction.
  • With flat rate credit card processing, costly transaction fees are reduced and so is the worry associated with the cost of processing.

Did You Know…

We offer special programs exist for small-ticket (less than $15) merchants allowing us to WAIVE transaction fees?

What are the benefits compared to Square, Inc.?

  • NMA provides merchants with 24/7 customer service and technical support.
  • Card processing systems provided adhere to the PCI Data Security Standard, and NMA ensures that our merchants are PCI compliant as well, which is now a requirement.

Call the experts at National Merchants Association today at (866) 509-7199 to start your restaurant processing today!