National Merchants Association is proud to offer a true chargeback solution.

The Chargeback Control Platform (CCP) is a revolutionary platform that was designed to forecast, prevent, and combat chargebacks.

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Chargeback Hassle protection

CCP was created with the merchant in mind and removes the hassle of the chargeback process by automating the refund process and handling incoming dispute alerts virtually instantaneously – therefore resolving the issue quickly to avoid a chargeback while ultimately keeping merchant IDs (MIDS) active longer.

Why do chargebacks occur?

Oftentimes, with card-not-present transactions, chargebacks happen due to fraud, identity theft, or other malicious intent from an end-user whose identity cannot be verified against the card being used. However, a merchant can receive a dispute due to “friendly” fraud, a chargeback that occurs when a consumer makes a purchase and then requests their money back after receiving the purchased goods or services.

Is CCP right for your business?

If you’re an ecommerce business, CCP is absolutely necessary to maintain the health of your merchant account. CCP helps merchants take a proactive approach to their merchant account to prevent, manage, and forecast potentially damaging activity.

Friendly Fraud Protection

How it works

  • When a consumer calls their issuing bank to dispute a charge or payment made by a credit card, CCP is notified of the alert.
  • The merchant is given 72 hours from the initial alert to resolve the dispute before the dispute becomes a chargeback and affects the merchant’s bottom line and account standing.
  • CCP cross-checks the alert with affiliated CRMs and gateways to ensure the dispute is associated with a National Merchants Association merchant. The transaction date, descriptor, payment card number, and amount is verified.
  • CCP then auto-refunds the consumer to resolve the dispute, through the merchant’s CRM and their gateway.

How It’s Different:

Bank-level interception
Chargeback Control Platform provides automatic refunds by intercepting inbound disputes before they become chargebacks.

Trend observation and visibility
Merchants receive comprehensive status updates via email to ensure full visualization of account status and chargeback standing.

Forecasting you can count on
Chargeback Control Platform forecasts inbound disputes and alerts merchants when they are approaching non-compliance, and visualizes chargeback status.

Constant account monitoring
Chargeback Control Platform manages inbound disputes by count and cost volume, so merchants can evaluate each case by severity and degree.

No Comparison:

Fail-safe dispute resolution
Other chargeback management products on the market resolve disputes exclusively through the merchant’s CRM. Chargeback Control Platform is not only integrated with LimeLight CRM but is integrated with various gateways to increase the effectiveness of chargeback interception.

Bank-level interception
Unlike other third-party services that offer chargeback mitigation, National Merchants Association hosts merchant accounts directly. This gives Chargeback Control Platform the ability to conduct real time refunds. The more immediate the refund is, the more likely a chargeback won’t occur.

Additional Details:

Breaking it down
CCP’s online dashboard is completely transparent. Merchants have visibility into day-to-day account activity, sales numbers, and interception data.

Fully Responsive
CCP is easy and convenient on the go! Receive alerts and updates on mobile devices.

Forecasting and Trends
CCP forecasts a merchant’s future chargeback activity, by observing fraud trends and visualizing potential developments.

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