A recent New York Times article focuses on a problem in the workplace called ‘the confidence gap’.

This issue affects the amount of women making up executive positions within the business world; even though half of the workforce is female, only 5% of executive positions are composed of women.

National Merchants Association’s CEO, Heather Petersen, has made sure that what her executives bring to the table is diverse, unique, and holistic. Which has led to half of the company’s upper-level staff to consist of women.

According to the New York Times article, “men often overvalue their strengths, women too frequently undervalue theirs.”

Ms. Petersen, as the leader of the growing Southern California merchant services provider, doesn’t allow for undervaluing. She, along with other ladies in the company, are members of Women’s Network in Electronic Transactions (W.net), a national organization focused on empowering women in the industry to make a difference.

Self-development like this also allows the women of NMA to develop meaningful relationships and expand their network and support system. In an industry made up of only 8% women (a fact learned at a recent W.net event!), motivating groups and events like those promoted by W.net allows the ladies of NMA to bridge the confidence gap to improve their careers and each others’ industry experiences.

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