October is an incredibly busy month for National Merchants Association. Within the first two weeks alone, the Executive Team and the Sales Department will be headed to three different trade shows and conferences in three different states.

“We’re headed to South Carolina first, then to Florida, and then back to our home state of California!” Heather Petersen, Chief Executive Officer, announces. “There will be a lot of jet lag, but a lot of productive networking, which is the most important aspect of our travel season.”

In addition to the start of the travel season, National Merchants Association has a very special event in the works that involves all the ladies of the company: the W.Net event.

The Women’s Network in Electronic Transactions (W.Net) is launching its Southern California chapter, led by Ms. Petersen and her payments industry colleague, Deana Rich of Rich Consulting.

“This is a very important event that National Merchants Association is sponsoring,” Ms. Petersen reports. “W.Net is a forum for professional women to inspire and empower one another through networking opportunities.”

This event will feature a panel discussion where attendees will hear about the new trends in the bankcard industry including Apple Pay, mobile payments, and more.

“The ladies of National Merchants Association do the bulk of the traveling and networking at these industry trade shows,” Alexis King, Director of Sales Support, explains. “This woman-centered event NMA is sponsoring will gather career-minded ladies in our industry to position ourselves for even greater personal success, and we don’t even need to travel far!”

Are you a professional woman in the payments and bankcard industry? Contact one of the National Merchants Association ladies to get more information about this networking opportunity.

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