Social media revolutionized the marketing game, allowing businesses to target a specific audience and increase brand exposure — but each year, new trends arise. To develop a winning strategy, you must stay on top of the most valuable social media trends 2022 offers. 

Considering there are more than 4.2 billion active social media users worldwide, the opportunities are nearly limitless when harnessing the power of social media marketing — especially as a small business owner. This marketing approach is inexpensive and effective. However, it requires research and planning. 

This guide covers why social media matters and the top trends for this upcoming year. 

The Benefits of Social Media for Your Small Business

Have you been searching for “social media trends 2022,” wondering how to pivot this year? Whether your goal is to build trust and brand authenticity or grow your audience, social media will help you do that. Here are some of the top benefits of a solid social media strategy to guide you towards a more in-depth marketing plan. 

Build Brand Awareness

To stand out from your competitors, you must develop a brand story. Why do you provide the products or services you do? Why does what you offer matter to your audience? Do you have customer or employee stories to share?

Social media platforms allow you to convey these stories to a large, targeted audience to build greater brand awareness. Data shows that 89% of marketers say brand awareness is their top goal. So, you must prioritize brand recognition. 

Short videos are all the craze in 2022 and will help you increase brand awareness. Cisco reported that global internet video traffic would be 82% of all consumer internet traffic this year. Think Instagram Reels, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts. 

Generate and Nurture Leads

Steady brand promotion can significantly increase revenue, especially when you continuously generate and nurture leads. 

Social media allows you to create valuable content and have meaningful conversations. This approach will enable you to build credibility with prospective customers, but you can also gain leads. Once you generate those leads, you can nurture them. 

The best platform to generate leads is the platform your customers are using. For example, most companies agree that Facebook is the best for generating leads. However, LinkedIn may be more effective if you’re a B2B marketer. 

Did you know that 60% of Gen Z users use Instagram to discover new products and brands? Use this to your advantage, making it easy for users to browse your products or engagingly promote your services. 

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Measure Marketing Metrics 

The more you know about your audience, the more informed your decisions are. There are a lot of social media metrics out there, so your goals will determine the metrics that matter to you most. You’ll need to focus on at least one metric for every goal to ensure you’re hitting the mark. For example, if your goal is to convert conversion rates through increased website traffic, you can run a campaign including influencers, post tags, and ads. To track your success, you can measure social traffic using Google Analytics

The most common metrics to explore include impressions and reach, engagement, the share of voice, response rate, and referrals. However, the platform you use most will determine what metrics are available and where to track the metrics of your choice. 

Social media analytics powered by AI is here to stay. If you’re not using them now, you’ll be left in the dust. This year, tools are diving much deeper than consumer data based on demographics. Thanks to psychographic data, now is the time to understand your audience’s personality traits, attitudes, and values. 

The Top Social Media Trends 2022 Has to Offer

Staying on top of trends means staying on top of your competition. Businesses that adapt to change will thrive, and those that don’t risk being left behind. 

Interested in the top social media trends 2022 has unveiled thus far? Here’s what you need to be aware of: 

  • Consumers expect a more streamlined, frictionless shopping experience, driving the need for social commerce. Considering social commerce is expected to grow to nearly $80 billion by 2025, now is the time to implement relevant strategies. This applies to e-commerce sites and brick-and-mortar storesRead moreE-Commerce Trends to Watch in 2022
  • Story-driven content is on the rise, replacing hard-selling content. Data shows that people remember stories up to 22 times more than facts alone. So, don’t tell your audience why your products are services are something they need — let them come to that conclusion through a captivating story. 
  • Consumers want immediate support. As a business owner, do not rely solely on phone calls and email as means of communication. Social media provides channels for quick feedback and support. Remember, 71% of customers that have a positive experience with a brand on social media are more likely to recommend that brand to friends and family. Starbucks Care, a Twitter page created specifically for customer questions, comments, and concerns, is an excellent example. 

Want to dive deeper into this year’s trends? This Social Media Trends 2022 report is based on over 18,000 survey respondents and 15+ expert interviews. 

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