Travel & Tour Agency Payment Processing

Securing Your Connection

Travel is a unique industry that serves both broad and niche markets. With wide range of customers, thriving travel businesses – such as travel and tour agencies – need comprehensive and advanced solutions tailored to fit their needs.

Enter NMA.

A decade-long, global payment processing leader with extensive experience in the travel space, NMA’s solutions boast unmatched advantages in a market saturated with self-proclaimed “experts.” NMA understands that one-size-fits-all solutions don’t work for travel and tour agencies with diverse customer bases

  • Best-in-class partners
  • Innovative software vendors
  • Industry-leading products and services

Through strategic vendor-partner relationships, we’ve created streamlined systems that enable businesses to securely manage travel and tour agency payment processing with ease.

  • Less risk
  • Lower costs
  • Personalized in-house service
NMA’s tailored processing solution Works For You™.
Less risk—lower cost
Personalized in-house service
Secure & streamlined solutions
Unique gateway & integration
National Merchants Association has been the global leader in card-not-present processing for more than a decade. We’re also a dedicated business partner and merchant advocate that understands each challenge your business faces.