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Bob Streeter

Bob Streeter – Chief Marketing Officer

A marketing aficionado and architect of team culture, Bob Streeter brings more than 15 years of expertise to his role as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at National Merchants Association (NMA).

With a career steeped in the development and execution of long-range marketing tactics across a number of industries, and experience leading high-profile agencies throughout the United States, Streeter drives NMA’s creative vision by focusing on the partner and merchant experience at every touchpoint. A key member of NMA’s executive team, Streeter makes significant contributions to the company’s overall brand identity and corporate strategy – aligning value proposition with audience perceptions and expectations.

Marrying marketing prowess, with advanced knowledge of enterprise-level lead conversion, Streeter directs the development of NMA’s key industry and community offerings – including Surcharge and Give It Back™ – demonstrating the many ways We Work For You®.

A staunch proponent of team collaboration and streamlined processes, Streeter is uniting the Marketing team around belief in NMA’s mission – growing the department’s culture of fun, creativity and innovation.