7 surefire ways to sink your new business

paper boat with a dollar sign on its flag is sinking in blue water

According to Forbes, a new business has an 80% chance of failing within the first 18 months. Here are seven mistakes to avoid if you want your business to beat the odds: 1  Being overly optimistic about your new business Optimism is essential for success, but if an unrealistic sense of confidence is preventing you […]

Will mPOS Outgrow Micro Merchants?

Mobile point of sale systems (mPOS) are designed to be a good fit for micro merchants that don’t currently accept credit cards. These inexpensive credit and debit card readers integrate easily with smartphones and tablets and can perform transactions at hard-to-serve locations such as farmers markets, sports and concert venues, and school campuses. They not […]

Payments at the Speed of Sound

Payments at the Speed of Sound

The first sound ever to reach planet earth probably emanated eons ago from the Big Bang, although the frequency would have been too low for humans to hear (even if we had been around at the time). Today, the ultrasonic audio technology company, LISNR, believes inaudible sound waves carry the potential for faster point-of-sale payments. […]

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