How does 0% on credit card transactions sound?

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Customer friendly credit card surcharge

Customer Friendly

When your customer swipes their credit card, on your NMA terminal, the software automatically recognizes that it's a credit card and alerts the customer that the credit card processing fee is being passed on to them unless they would like to pay another no-fee method.

Fully Compliant Surcharge program

Fully Compliant

The NMA terminal complies with the Card Brand rules and regulations providing you the comfort of knowing you're passing on the credit card fees properly.

Low monthly fee credit card surcharge program

Pay 0% for Credit Card processing fees

You keep 100% of your hard earned sales transaction when your customer pays with a credit card.

Reduce the surcharge burden on your business.

Credit card processing comes with fees that can eat into your profits, but covering the cost with a surcharge for shoppers can save your bottom line. A growing number of states now allow businesses to offer a cash discount or add a fee for electronic payments.

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