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Do you come across business owners on a regular basis? Do you know friends or family with businesses of their own? Would you like to help them save money, while at the same time generating an additional passive income stream?

If so, you might be perfect for our Professional Referral Partner Network. It takes very little to get set up within our network and you can begin referring business right away!

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What Does It Mean To Be A Professional Partner?

National Merchants Association has developed a program to enhance your relationship with your commercial clients while improving your bottom line at the same time. Send us your commercial clients and we’ll take care of their payment processing at wholesale costs. In addition, you receive upfront or residual income for every account referred while accepting absolutely no risk or liability.

Who We Work With

Any professional or company that knows or works with business owners, decision makers, or those that are in charge of company finances can join our program. Anyone from a waiter at a local restaurant, to an elite financial advisor – anybody can refer business and increase their bottom line! Some of our partners include, but aren’t limited to:

    • Web Designers and Developers
    • CPAs and Accountants
    • Attorneys
    • Doctors
    • Advertising Agencies
    • Restaurant Employees
    • Retail Stores

Why Offer Merchant Services?

      • Your clients and associates will no longer need to seek this valuable service elsewhere
      • It brings increased value to the services you provide – and we provide free marketing materials to promote the program
      • We negotiate wholesale pricing with you on behalf of your merchants or members
      • Save your clients the hassle of negotiating “individual” point of sale solutions for their business
      • We reward our referring partners, bringing added residual income to your business

How Does It Work?

We offer your commercial clients a suite of cutting-edge merchant services products. This is a co-branded, 100% turnkey merchant processing program.

Add Value For Your Clients

Your clients will no longer need to seek payment processing elsewhere, as National Merchants Association can become your preferred and endorsed merchant account provider. We negotiate wholesale pricing with you on behalf of your clients. This includes rates, fees and equipment. We will tailor the program to meet your specific needs and goals.

World-Class Customer Service

Our personalized, expert service is what truly sets NMA apart. With in-house underwriting, risk management, and technical support, you can be confident that the merchants you refer will have a great experience with us.

Ready to learn more? Talk with our partnership team! Call now: (866) 985-0569

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