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Are you compliant with the incoming 2015 credit card security standards? As the leader in merchant solutions National Merchants Association is making available a free* state-of-the-art terminal that is EMV® and Apple Pay™ compatible.

Revolutionize your payment processes and be ahead of your competition with a new Verifone VX520 to maximize your income. It's That Simple!

  • EMV®, NFC and Apple Pay™ Compatible Hardware
  • Faster Processing
  • Free* and Seamless Upgrade
  • Value-added Applications
  • Proven Functionality and Ease of Use Software

What Is EMV®?

EMV® stands for Europay, Mastercard and Visa. Beginning October 2015, the liability for fraudulent transactions will shift to merchants, and those without compatible hardware will be in trouble. EMV® smart chip technology:

  1. Uses chip and pin system
  2. Reduces counterfeit payments and fraud
  3. Adds layers of security
  4. Is the global standard for credit cards

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