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High Risk Merchant Account Underwriting

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High Risk Underwriting Process

  • Step 1 - If you haven’t already done so, please fill out our contact form above.
  • Step 2 - High Risk Merchant Accounts require additional paperwork for the underwriting process. An underwriting specialist will contact you directly for the required documentation. Please be prompt in supplying the requested information as to not cause a delay in the processing of your account.
  • Step 3 - Although not required, it is recommended that you obtain a copy of your business credit report and submit to us with your application. Supplying this information will result in expeditious processing of your application.
  • Step 4 - If you have rip-off reports, scambook reports, or other negative feedback on the Internet, clean it up quickly.
  • Step 5 - Although not required, it is recommended that you obtain a copy of your personal credit report and submit to us with your application.
  • Step 6 - Although not required, a D&B credit file can be very helpful in providing you with the processing you deserve. Obtain a D-U-N-S number.
  • Step 7 - Contact the BBB to clean up any negatively reported information if it exists.

We Underwrite To Get Approvals

We may provide you with free consultative information regarding changes or fixes to your website or terms and conditions to supplement bank approval. International underwriting may take up to 30 days to complete. Please supply any requested information in a timely fashion to avoid delays in processing your application.

Due to the complexity of this process, the following fees may be required:

$250 - Category 1 Underwriting

Accounts processing more than $25k/mo or with an average ticket above $350. All MOTO account applications.

$500 - Category 2 Underwriting

Any account needing additional verification or applications for merchants who have been previously terminated. During this process, our underwriters will assist the merchant in the following:

  • Consulting merchants with making appropriate changes to their Terms and Conditions and privacy policies
  • Consulting merchants with making appropriate changes to their website, marketing materials, etc. to insure you’re processing within appropriate Card Association and Acquiring Bank guidelines.

$2,500* - Image Enhancement

It’s difficult to get your merchant account approved if there’s negative information out there about your company and/or you’ve been previously terminated. So let our experts Work For You® to help get your merchant account approved. During this process, our experts will assist you with the following:

  • Formulating a ChargeBack Reduction Plan
  • Remedying any existing chargebacks and/or payments to previous processor
  • Writing letter of explanation of any previous terminations
  • Enhancing your company’s image on the internet
  • Assisting with “rip-off” and “scambook” reports
  • Obtaining a valid DNB profile
  • Obtaining a valid BBB profile
  • Website consultation to remove/repair any unclear details
  • Perfecting your merchant account application to eliminate any errors

$795/mo: Ongoing Compliance Auditing

Although not required, we strongly suggest that you contract our Compliance Auditors for ongoing compliance to insure that you are always processing within the guidelines of the Card Associations and the Acquiring Bank. With OCA, our experts will:

  • Maintain your BBB profile and rating and assist your company with complaints and/or replies
  • Maintain your DNB credit profile to insure you’re always being reported at the appropriate business risk class
  • Maintain your business credit profile to insure you’re getting the credit you deserve
  • Continuously assist and consult on the latest requirements of the Card Association and Acquiring Bank guidelines
  • Assist in insuring website, marketing materials, online reviews and other information remain accurate and within compliance
*Additional fees may be required by third-party affiliates
*This process may take up to 6 months to complete fully