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What Is Apple Pay™?

Apple Pay™ is the newest form of wireless or contactless payment from Apple ®. The technology lets consumers use their iPhone® 6 and iPhone® 6 Plus to pay for purchases. This technology is called near field communication or (NFC). More than 60 million people are expected to purchase an iPhone® 6 and iPhone® 6 Plus this year alone!

The payment is verified by the customer via thumbprint so there is no exchange of physical card between the customer and merchant, therefore limiting liability and exposure to fraud.

Mobile payments are here to stay, and getting ahead of the curve is incredibly easy with National Merchants Association. With a simple wave of the phone, a consumer can pay for their items quickly and securely. Accepting Apple Pay™ will be crucial for businesses moving into 2015 and beyond.

Apple Pay™ FAQs

What do I need to use Apple Pay™?

An iCloud account is needed and Apple Pay™ uses devices running iOS 8.1 or later. The devices running this are:

  • iPhone® 6
  • iPhone® 6 Plus
  • iPad® Air 2
  • iPad mini™ 3

How Do I Set It Up?

You can start using Apple Pay™ as soon as you add a card to Passbook on your Apple device. If you already have a card on file with iTunes you will be prompted to add it in Passbook.

Is It Better To Use Credit Or Debit With Apple Pay™?

Apple recommends using credit when faced with this choice because older debit systems might not always work successfully.

How Secure is Apple Pay™?

Using Apple Pay™ is much more secure than an actual card because YOU are the only one that can use it. It uses fingerprint verification.

Can Items Purchased With Apple Pay™ Be Returned?

Yes. A merchant can look up the purchase using a device account number to find your transaction. Your card in Passbook will be used as card verification to return the purchased item.

How Do I Know If A Merchant Accepts Apple Pay™?

Look for these symbols near a merchant's terminal or POS system.

Apple Pay™ Benefits And Additional Information

An iCloud account is needed and Apple Pay™ uses devices running iOS 8.1 or later.

  • The likelihood of fraud goes way down with increased security and privacy for your customers
  • Merchants are able to accept payments from millions of consumers that own iPhone® 6 and iPhone® 6 Plus devices
  • The fact is we can't put down our phones, and now you'll be able to capitalize on that fact as mobile payments are here for good
  • The free equipment we offer is EMV® and Apple Pay™ compliant, so not only can you accept mobile payments, you'll be up to code when it comes to EMV® security standards being imposed in 2015
  • Adopting new technology first goes a long way with your loyal customers