Card-Present Agent

Leading the Charge

Partner with NMA for innovative card-present
payment options and industry-leading
one-to-one customer service.


The brick-and-mortar merchant landscape has evolved to include numerous options for businesses to thrive including various retail establishments, restaurants, and much more!

National Merchants Association is committed to delivering 100% card present solutions for merchants of all types by delivering personalized programs for agents–programs designed to ensure profitable business while keeping merchants happy.


Give your merchants the freedom to keep 100% of every credit card transaction. New surcharge product passes fees to consumers.

  • Credit card network compliant

  • Seamless integration with existing POS systems

  • Automatic credit card detection and surcharge alert

  • Customers can choose an alternative payment option

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Transaction fees as low as 1.5¢
Dedicated agent and merchant support

NMA’s card present agent program is simple, easy and smart with no hidden fees.

  • Dedicated access to state-of-the-art POS systems and payment terminals at discounted prices
  • EMV® and NFC payments (Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, PayPal, etc.) compatible
  • 100% lifetime residuals or upfront bonuses plus anniversary bonuses
  • Unbeatable, personal service from our expert team on every deal

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