National Merchants Association Helps Business Owners Transition Smoothly Into Online Commerce

BURBANK, Calif., – March 9, 2012 What’s drawing consumers to the internet?  Are business owners ready for online shoppers?  Heather Petersen, CEO of the National Merchants Association (NMA), says “Our organization prepares business owners for the surge in demand for online shopping.”  In order to compete, small businesses must accept and apply new technology to their business models to offer the convenience and ease that consumers are seeking in 2012, which begins with online payment.  A leader in providing merchants with the best credit card processing rates, NMA works on behalf of businesses to help them get the lowest possible fees for internet transactions.  Visit

According to a 2011 study, more than 70% of internet users make purchases online.  NMA helps to establish merchant accounts for transactions in which the buyer is not physically present, for which most credit card companies have a different fee structure.  The association specializes in high risk merchants who have been turned down elsewhere or who operate businesses that some processors are uncomfortable servicing.

Members of NMA gain access to an exclusive proprietary account optimization process that enables them to reap substantial savings, as well as have a relationship with Membership Consultants who have invaluable business expertise. The association facilitates online transactions for thousands of merchants nationwide to help businesses make a smooth transition into online retail, providing convenience for customers and ultimately creating loyalty for the business.

How NMA Works

NMA works on behalf of merchants to reduce credit card processing fees while educating business owners about merchant services.  Retailers pay a multitude of fees as part of doing business, including interchange, PCI compliance, statement, customer service and/or debit access fees. While businesses cannot eliminate fees, they can avoid overpaying by having a third party group like NMA optimize their processing contracts.    

Founded in 2004, NMA serves as an advocacy group for small and medium-sized business owners and is the only association in the United States working to eliminate the unnecessary and unreasonable costs associated with accepting credit cards. NMA operates nationwide through 17 regional offices, as it continues to dominate the retail independent sales organization space.

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