TEMECULA, CA – National Merchants Association (NMA) is pleased to welcome our newest relationship experts, as we continue to scale up to support more partners and members.. 

With this addition, NMA expects to increase the quality of ISO Relations and new member experience. Both new additions are specialists in relationship management and have years of experience in sales and communications.  

Amy Olup, new sales team member at NMA

Amy Olup

Amy Olup

Amy Olup joins NMA with over 20 years of experience in the telecommunications field. Dedicated to personal growth, Amy has taken numerous courses throughout her career to improve her skills in leadership, time management, and public speaking. These all contribute to her ability to serve NMA’s  partners at a high level and help the company move forward and upward.

Amy has previously worked with Skye Communications, AT&T, and Metro by T-Mobile. “Amy’s experience in technical fields makes her even more valuable in her position at NMA, and we’re confident that her skills will translate well to her new position,” said Heather Altepeter, CEO of NMA.

Olup has received over 50 recognitions and awards through exceeding performance goals and delivering customer service that went above and beyond. She will continue to offer these skills in her position at NMA. 

As a Channel Partner Sales Manager, Olup takes on the building of relationships with potential partners and networks. She provides information on NMA’s products and helps merchants find the right program or product for their needs. Amy received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Kent State University.

NMA welcomes Amy to their team of  payment experts who will assist our partners in delivering a merchant account that Works For You®

Zhana Brown, new sales team member at NMA

Zhana Brown

Zhana Brown

A University of Kansas alumni, Zhana Brown joins NMA while continuing to study for her Masters of Business Administration at Baker University. We are proud to support her ongoing dedication to education and growth.

Brown has significant experience with customer service and regional businesses. She served as the Brand Ambassador for the Girl Scouts of NW Missouri and NE Kansas and worked with Worldcrawl as well. Brown has also served as an Account Coordinator with the Entertainment Benefits Group and is now bringing those communications skills to NMA. “As always, NMA’s focus on excellence is forefront in our hiring decisions and Brown fits this objective perfectly,” said Altepeter.

In her position as Channel Partner Sales Manager at NMA, Brown is responsible for establishing and developing business relationships with new and prospective clients, creating reports on the needs of clients, and networking with our franchise partners.

Brown’s experience with planning and organization, as well as her expertise in social media and blogging has made her an excellent addition to the NMA team. NMA is proud to welcome her as a Channel Sales Partner Manager and look forward to her accomplishments in the future.

“With these two experts on the team, our partners can expect continued excellence in our communications and support. We seek out the best to hire and these two women are certainly that,” said Altepeter. “We look forward to seeing what they accomplish in their new positions.”

About National Merchants Association: What We Offer

NMA is dedicated to providing top quality service to merchants. This extends to everything the company does, including hiring top-quality sales managers to support their members. Each aspect of the business is designed to make the merchant more comfortable, and make partners’ lives easier. NMA’s motto is “We Work For You®” – and NMA offers unparalleled expertise to help take businesses to the next level.

The NMA team is hand-picked to ensure that every step of a merchant’s experience with NMA is a great one. NMA are payment experts specializing in ecommerce and high-risk credit card processing as well as traditional brick-and-mortar payments.

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