An article was recently published claiming that a laptop is stolen every 53 seconds in an airport.

That is countless stolen data, and not to mention, probably thousands of photos from your family vacations, saved passwords to your bank account, and an entire music library you’ll need to replace if you haven’t backed up your info to the iCloud.

(Except U2’s new album. You can’t escape that one.)

Even though it seems like common sense, keep your electronics close to you while traveling.

The National Merchants Association Team travels quite frequently all over the United States, from trade shows to conferences, and from awards galas back to the office. We’ve left behind souvenir pens and bagels we bought at the Delta terminal, but we’ve never had a laptop or other electronic stolen at the airport.

If you happen to see Alexis King, Director of Sales Support, or Heather Petersen, CEO, (the “Dark-Haired Duo”), out traveling, you’ll notice that they keep their electronics and their bags close to them, and ensure that their belongings are exactly where they should be.

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