As a business owner, it is important to provide customers with their preferred payment method to keep them happy and encourage easy purchases. And as a business owner, you may be wondering how to accept Samsung Pay.

The mobile payment industry is growing as consumers have wanted to use contactless payments more often since the pandemic started. In 2020, 21.5% of all transactions were made using a mobile wallet. Samsung Pay has a market share of 16.3 million users in the United States. As the trend moves toward more digital transactions, businesses will need to add more electronic payment methods to stay competitive. Samsung Pay and other digital wallets provide customers with a convenient payment method that many are starting to prefer.

What Is Samsung Pay?

Samsung Pay is a digital wallet service that enables mobile payments through Samsung devices. The digital wallet can be used to purchase almost anything through a near field communication (NFC) card reader terminal, making it extremely convenient for customers. Once customers have Samsung Pay on their device, all they have to do to purchase is tap their device on the terminal. Since Samsung Pay is also a digital wallet, it stores the user’s card details for future purchases. Once a card is stored, you don’t have to enter card details online.

Merchants can accept Samsung Pay with their current credit card processing terminals, as Samsung Pay is compatible with both older magnetic secure transmission (MST) and EMV-enabled chip cards. Businesses that have not upgraded their credit card equipment to EMV-enabled chip card devices can use their older technology to accept the digital payments from Samsung Pay.

How to Accept Samsung Pay for Customer Purchases

Because Samsung Pay works with older MST technology as well as NFC card readers, you may already be accepting Samsung Pay without knowing it. To determine if you can accept Samsung Pay, you can ask a few of your customers if they have been using it. If some of them do, encourage them to use Samsung Pay on your magnetic-stripe card reader. Test it out to see if the transaction goes through. If you don’t currently have a payment terminal, you can purchase an NFC that works with Samsung Pay. Once you have a compatible payment terminal, you can start accepting it.

What Are the Merchant Benefits of Samsung Pay?

The biggest benefit of Samsung Pay is that you will offer your customers a preferred method of payment. You won’t lose sales because a customer doesn’t have cash or credit on hand. If they use a digital wallet, they can purchase with their smartphone. This can increase customer loyalty and improve customer satisfaction.

There is also no need to update card readers and registers to process Samsung Pay transactions. It is compatible with the magnetic stripe card readers, so you don’t have to update to the newer POS system to accept payments. For businesses with the newer systems, it is compatible with EMV card chip readers. This allows for fast, contactless payments for in-store customers.

Additionally, payments with Samsung Pay are secure online. Instead of putting the card details in for each transaction, customers can authorize the purchase with their fingerprints. They may also use passcodes and iris scans for authentication.

Offering Samsung Pay won’t cost your business more. There are no additional fees to offering Samsung Pay. You simply need to have a payment terminal that will accept NFC or MST payments.

Where Is Samsung Pay Available?

The use of digital wallets is growing worldwide and it is becoming more widely available in more and more countries. Samsung Pay can be used to pay for purchases at businesses that support contactless payments currently in 18 different countries. Consumers can make purchases with Samsung Pay in Australia, Brazil, Canada, the United States, China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, India, Russia, Puerto Rico, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Singapore, and Thailand. Within these countries, major corporations have started accepting Samsung Pay from customers. Some major retailers that currently accept this form of contactless payment include Office Depot, Old Navy, Applebees, Best Buy and Trader Joe’s. As more retailers accept Samsung Pay, it will be important for your business to accept it to stay competitive in the market.

What Devices Support Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay is only available on Samsung devices. It was initially only available on the flagship smartphones, but access has extended to mid-range devices, including some of the brands’ watches. Most of the Galaxy smartphone series are compatible with Samsung Pay, including Galaxy Note, Galaxy Ultra, and Galaxy Edge. Samsung has made payments even more convenient by putting Samsung Pay on watches. Consumers who forget their payment or smartphone may still have the capability of purchasing if they are wearing their Samsung watch. The wearables that are compatible with Samsung Pay include the Galaxy Watch 3, Galaxy Watch Active 2, Galaxy Watch 4G, and Gear S3.

Why eWallets Are Vital to Your Business

Keeping your customers happy is a top priority. This includes allowing them to pay in the way that they prefer. Whether your business is in-store or online, giving customers alternative payment methods ensures that you don’t lose business because a customer doesn’t have cash or credit on hand. Adding eWallets and Samsung Pay to the accepted payments ensures that your customers can make purchases with a payment method they trust.

More than half of American (51%) consumers now do most of their shopping online, so having an online store with different payment options is crucial. Among online shoppers, mobile wallets and credit cards are the preferred methods of payment with each accounting for 30% of transactions. Merchants need to keep up with the consumer purchasing trends, which include having a strong online presence and accepting mobile wallets. NMA can help your business stay on top of the payment processing technology to help your business succeed. Contact us today to learn more about the latest payment trends!

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