Healthcare brings many occupational challenges, especially during the post-pandemic world. As such, workers may consider a career change from the healthcare industry in response to rapidly changing industry policies and patient demands. According to market reports, the healthcare industry faced a 1.7 percent increase in turnover during 2020. 

The versatility and relevance of healthcare skills provide workers with ample opportunities for a successful career switch. The payments industry is one option that offers a vast range of attractive growth opportunities in the upcoming years. For starters, the industry has proven highly adaptable to turbulent change, with a quick return to healthy and stable growth

Teamwork and Collaboration 

Top healthcare workers require strong teamwork and collaborative skills to navigate the challenges in a fast-paced environment. Professionals need to cultivate lasting work relationships with co-workers, patients, and healthcare experts to create a healthy environment that tides against the evolving industry challenges. 

Similarly, the payments industry seeks individuals who understand the complex dynamics between businesses and payment processors. Suitable candidates can assess the situation and provide clients with the most suitable arrangement according to their finances and business needs. 

Ultimately, it boils down to optimized interpersonal skills. Former healthcare professionals can employ strong listening and communication abilities to ensure smooth interactions conveyed with accurate information—working with clients to fulfill specific business goals. 

Critical Thinking/Problem-Solving Methods

Healthcare professionals need to constantly think on the spot in dealing with patient issues that arise within a moment’s notice. Workplace challenges may range from managing bed occupancy to billing. Through problem-solving, experienced individuals can keep healthcare facilities running effectively despite sudden obstacles that may occur.   

Individuals need to apply the same conscientiousness in critical thinking within the payments industry. A goal-oriented and dynamic individual who takes the initiative can help deliver results that drive profitable business practices. 

Suitable candidates can identify and resolve the biggest challenges in the payments industry, such as merchant surcharging procedures, which should follow a carefully prepared set of guidelines. 

Conceptual and Analytical Skills

Conceptual and analytical skills enable individuals to recognize the causal relationships between elements at the workplace. Within the healthcare industry, this might translate to realizing how hospitals adapt policies to changing medical demands and discovering the best approach to applying those changes. 

Individuals that are highly competent in analytics will sort goals and tasks into priorities, tracking and monitoring them through logical and systematic action plans. Similarly, the payments industry requires a conceptual and analytical understanding of merchant fees, breaking down concepts such as interchange costs and how they appear on business statements. 

As a trusted and reliable professional in the payments sector, you will need to discover the most efficient way to minimize client processor fees and determine the optimal pricing arrangements clearly reflected at the end of each month. 

National Merchants Association – Start Your Payments Career With a Leading Name 

The National Merchants Association (NMA) offers a fulfilling transition into the payments industry. We dedicate ourselves to the mission of removing excess and unnecessary processor fees for small and medium-sized businesses. By joining our team, you will continue to apply your honed healthcare skills. 

We hire and develop the most dedicated individuals to build the NMA difference, where clients receive individualized experiences each step of their journey. Similar to the healthcare industry, we treat and diagnose the problems faced by merchants of all sizes to help their organizations achieve the healthiest growth with tailored solutions.  Check out National Merchants Association’s vacancies if you plan a career change from the healthcare industry toward a significant role in the growing payments sector.