Have you ever dreamed of a career that you love? They call it living the dream. Have you considered being an ISO Agent?

National Merchants Association’s services practically sell themselves — meaning that you can see incredible career growth with our products and your five-star service.

A few reasons why our current agents choose to work with National Merchants Association include:

  • Earn up to 90% residuals
  • Same Day Funding
  • Surcharge Program
  • Speedy approvals
  • Best-in-class customer service and support
  • Industry-leading ProAgent Portal, merchant services and products 
  • Enhanced PCI security

National Merchants Association offers you all the tools to be the most successful agent with our ProAgent 5.0 program.

How Do You Become A ProAgent?

How does National Merchants Association help agents? Our ProAgent 5.0 program offers the best revenue-generating initiatives for you and your merchants. Our ProAgent program was designed with you in mind. We know that our agents are unique individuals with unique clientele, so we asked ourselves:

  • How can we reach these agents?
  • How can we help them build a lucrative portfolio?
  • How can we help our agents maximize earnings?

The answer is simple: We’re National Merchants Association. It’s what we do — We Work for You™!

There are a variety of perks when you join the ProAgent program, and you’ll have everything you need with exclusive access to your ProAgent portal. Whether you’re a sales veteran or new to the business, we’re here to ensure your success and support you along the way. 

When you join the ProAgent Program, you gain access to:

  • Our Interactive ProAgent Portal. The ProAgent Portal lets you submit applications for your potential merchants and communicate directly with National Merchants Association’s Underwriting and Risk Management teams from your Portal. You can also track your residual earnings, bonuses, and upcoming regular payments in one convenient place, anywhere you are. The data you’ll find is always fresh and updated in real-time.
  • Up to 90% residuals. You’ll receive a Schedule A from us included in the ProAgent 5.0 Agreement, highlighting up to a 90% revenue share on your merchant accounts. Plus, we offer a tiered split incentive based on your sales volume for ANY vertical.
  • Everything is done in-house. That’s right — every aspect of your business is handled in-house by National Merchants Association, from underwriting to risk management. We monitor every client account from the moment you submit it to us.

Contact us now to learn more about National Merchants Association and the ProAgent 5.0 program.

Why waste away in a job that doesn’t pay a living wage when you can take control of your career and let National Merchants Association Work for You™?

Why Choose a Partnership With National Merchants Association?

National Merchants Association serves Agents across the United States & Canada. When you become a National Merchants Association ProAgent, you’ll enjoy the perks of partnering with the industry leaders in High Risk Done Right™. So visit our website or give us a call today.


National Merchants Association is a merchant advocacy group dedicated to reducing the unnecessary fees associated with accepting credit card payments. Since 2004, they have delivered tailored payment processing solutions and best-in-class merchant service and support for all levels of risk. Whether high-risk or low-risk, brick-and-mortar or e-commerce, National Merchants Association will create the best processing experience for your business. For more information, visit legacy.nationalmerchants.com or call (866) 509-7199.