Fuel & Fleet Card Payment Processing

Need a better way to grab your share of the commercial fleet market? By accepting the most popular fleet cards in America, you can. Both The Wright Express Universal Fleet (WEX®) and Voyager Fleet cards have built national reputations as first-rate fleet fueling cards. National Merchants Association is proud to partner with both, offering elite processing solutions!

Wright Express

Wright Express is a leading provider of payment processing and information management services to the U.S. commercial and government vehicle fleet industry. They provide fleets using services with detailed transaction data, analysis tools and purchase control capabilities by capturing transaction data at more than 180,000 fuel and vehicle maintenance locations, including over 90% of the nation’s retail fuel locations and 45,000 vehicle maintenance locations.

In the simplest terms, Wright Express, along with its wholly-owned subsidiary Wright Express Financial Services Corporation, is a leading provider of fleet and corporate charge cards. Flexible, pre-set cardholder limits and robust data capture from each card transaction provide users with valuable information to better manage corporate expenses. Merchants can accept these card payments for fuel, supply purchases, or travel/entertainment.

Wright Express Advantages:

  • Eliminates timely and costly handling of receivables.
  • Provides payments directly to your bank account.
  • Electronic card processing means no more paperwork or manual billing.
  • NO setup or application fees to participating merchants.
  • Your site(s) will be included in the FREE Wright Express National Merchant site directory.
  • Strong customer loyalty in the commercial fleet market means long-term business relationships for you. Don’t miss out on a sure way to build the commercial fleet side of your operation!

Wright Express brings business to you, while we make your job easier!


The Voyager Fleet Card offers the most comprehensive fuel card tracking and reporting system in the industry today including tax exemption, discount processing, online system access, and card-level control. Voyager allows cards to be assigned to driver, vehicle, department, region, and more. Flexible point-of-sale prompting, card-level exception reporting, purchase control parameters, and Voyager’s innovative reporting products allow fleet managers to manage their fuel programs with confidence and ease.

The Voyager Fleet Card is accepted by every major brand, in all 50 states, at more than 200,000 retail locations. Voyager’s pay at the pump acceptance parallels any major credit card. Furthermore, Voyager’s friendly and courteous customer service professionals are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Voyager Advantages:

  • Unique purchase control.
  • Exception monitoring.
  • Flexible and customizable reporting options.
  • Outstanding merchant discounts.
  • Online customer access through member portal.
  • Tax exemption and other benefits.
  • Various billing and payment options.