Temecula, CA July 13, 2012…
According to a 2012 study conducted by Juniper Research, mobile payments are expected to rise to $630 billion over the next two years. In an effort to meet the growing needs of small businesses, National Merchants Association (NMA) now offers a mobile payments system that will revolutionize the way merchants process credit card payments. Visit

Compatible with the majority of smartphone platforms available, NMA’s free swipe device converts a smartphone into a mobile POS system. Modeled after traditional credit-card readers, the device saves businesses time and boosts efficiency by enabling their staff to complete a sale at any location, at any time.

NMA’s swipe software was designed to quickly and securely handle cash/credit transactions, refunds and voids. Its PCI-DSS certification ensures protection against fraud and identity theft. It also gives merchants the ability to easily gather customer information, enter card information manually, add sales tax, issue electronic receipts, and accept a digital signature through its intuitive touch screen interface.

In accordance with NMA’s commitment to saving their merchants money, this payment option requires no monthly fees and no contract – all costs are covered by a competitively-priced 2.75% charge per swipe, with funds deposited by next business day.

About NMA
Founded in 2004, National Merchants Association works on behalf of its member merchants to reduce credit card transaction fees while educating business owners about merchant service rules and regulations. All NMA agents are required to become CPP Certified within one year of hire, ensuring that they are able to offer high-quality assistance to their member merchants. Today, NMA works on behalf of businesses to eliminate credit card transaction costs including interchange fees, PCI compliance fees, statement fees, customer service fees, and debit access fees.