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Flat Rate Processing

No Gimmicks, No Hidden Fees

Benefits of Flat Rate Credit Card Processing:

  • No Transaction Fees.
  • No Statement Fees.
  • No Interchange Fees.
  • No Annual Fees.
  • No Application Fees.
  • No “Non-Qual” Fees.

How Does It Work?

By choosing a flat rate, you’ll now know exactly how much your credit card processing fees will be each month. Take any card you want for the same low monthly flat rate!

Should You Use A Flat Rate?

Flat rate processing works for any industry! The most popular types of businesses are small businesses with low processing volumes that want to keep their costs low and pay no transaction fee, no annual fees, and no statement fees, while processing at a flat rate of 2.65%.*

(* Average ticket value must be at least $25 to qualify for this rate; otherwise $0.10 per transaction will apply).

What Equipment Can Be Used?

You can use a standard POS system, a terminal, or even a mobile swiper! Best of all, your merchant equipment won’t affect your eligibility for our flat rate program!

What About Square, PayPal and others?

Square, Inc. charges merchants a flat rate that’s nearly 10% higher than what we offer. Additionally, companies like PayPal and Intuit charge 5% more!