Every year, major stakeholders in the payments industry become laser-focused on one event: ETA TRANSACT. It’s the place for established players who want to expand their footprint and for newcomers who want to experience every aspect of the payments space.

ETA TRANSACT boasts one of the busiest exhibit hall floors of any payments conference –– which can be both exciting and a little overwhelming. To help you navigate this year’s event like a pro, we’ve assembled a quick summary of what first-timers can expect.

Expect to be WOWED!
ETA TRANSACT is projecting a turnout of more than 4,000 payments professionals this year. That means 200+ exhibitors from across the globe will be pulling out all the stops to grab your attention, show you what they have to offer, and forge new partnerships.

From entrepreneurial startups and industry stalwarts to ISVs and VARs, you’ll discover amazing opportunities to connect with people from virtually every corner of the payments ecosystem.

Be ready to network
Naturally, you’re going to strike up casual conversations with other ETA TRANSACT attendees, but you won’t need to rely entirely on chance meetings. ETA creates networking events specifically for newcomers, according to NMA Marketing Director and ETA Certified Payments Professional, Lindsay Sugarman: “TRANSACT takes great care of first-time attendees with a lot of networking on the agenda targeted to those who are just getting into the payments industry.”

As a finalist for ETA’s Committee Volunteer of the Year award (one of a total of three NMA ETA Star award nominations), Sugarman can attest to the value of networking at the organization’s events: “There’s a Young Payments Professional program and reception where the education is hosted by ETA’s YPPs. The program this year is great and covers the basics of blockchain and P2P payments. The Women’s Network in Electronic Transactions (W.net) is hosting educational content and networking as well.”

Get set to be impressed
ETA TRANSACT attracts major players that you may have only seen in online journals or onstage giving important keynote addresses. ETA estimates about 25% of this year’s TRANSACT attendees will be C-level executives, many of whom revolutionized the industry and are still pushing it forward.

Bank on being educated
Sure, there will be high-energy panel discussions covering payments’ hottest topics, but ETA TRANSACT also offers can’t-miss opportunities to channel the expertise of world-renowned keynote speakers. Additionally, ETA TRANSACT features more than 60 educational sessions right on the exhibit hall floor, so be ready to learn the latest about risk, fraud and security technologies, regulatory trends, integrated payments/software, mobile/digital, PayFac evolution, and doing business in the age of the connected consumer.

Expect to get connected
Welcome to the world of payments and to one of the best parties at the show! National Merchants Association is hosting ETA TRANSACT’s First-Time Attendee / New Member Reception, Wednesday, April 18, 2018, from 5 – 6 p.m., at booth 404. If you’re new to ETA, new to TRANSACT, or both –– join us to exchange innovative ideas, gain perspective on the day’s events, and network with other newcomers. The best part? You’ll have an opportunity to mingle with NMA’s executive team, including company founder and CEO Heather Petersen, an influential merchant advocate who pioneered the concept of High Risk Done Right.

Look forward to coming back
You’ll never fit everything ETA TRANSACT has to offer into just three days, but there’s always next year. We’ll see you there!