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What is an MPA?

What is an MPA?

At National Merchants Association (NMA), we are deeply committed to advocating for merchants and partners of all types, and providing them with the tools and resources they need to thrive in an ever-evolving payments ecosystem.

The NMA Educates Series is designed to provide helpful, insightful and informative materials to assist the businesses we serve in navigating the world of payments. This is part 2 of 2 in a series related to forms.

Think back when you began looking for a merchant services provider. Do you remember hearing random letters being thrown around left and right?

We can only imagine.

The payments industry is known for its acronyms and abbreviations, especially when it comes to forms. However, despite the many forms you’re likely to find from one merchant services provider to another, one of the most important is the Merchant Processing Application (MPA).

What is a Merchant Processing Application (MPA)?

An MPA is the application merchants complete to apply for processing services. Similar to a contract or credit application, the MPA allows providers like National Merchants Association to learn more about prospective merchant partners/business owners and identify customized rates to meet their business needs.

A complete and correct MPA is crucial to merchant success because it comprises key information banks ask for before approving merchant accounts. Complete MPAs are also important because the more thorough and correct, the faster the account can be approved!

Most MPAs are relatively similar, but you can usually expect to find these sections on this form:

Business Information

This section is all about the business. From its Federal Tax ID to the company’s DBA (doing business as) name, this area requires important information.


This section is all about the business owner(s). On NMA’s form, if an individual has more than 25 percent ownership, their information must be included on the form.

Banking Information

Merchant services providers have to know where to send your profits! We also have to be able to confirm that businesses are using legitimate bank accounts.

Service Fee Schedule

Here, you’ll find the rates you can expect to be charged for various services.

The MPA is a crucial form in the payments/credit card processing industry. Without it, there would be no merchant accounts and rate transparency would disappear.

National Merchants Association’s MPA is now shorter than ever and extremely easy to complete. Ready to talk through the many ways NMA’s MPA and merchant accounts can Work For You™?

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