The world of payments is changing every day. What once had to be done on paper has evolved to digital methods, such as real-time payments and modernization of other payment processing aspects. The relationship between digital transformation and credit processing is inextricably linked.

Businesses and consumers expect a fast, efficient, and streamlined transaction process. When employment shifted to nearly entirely remote, it underlined the necessity for digital processing.

Banks and businesses, both brick-and-mortar and eCommerce, had to roll with the changes and invest in capabilities that would ensure they could support customers and clients while maintaining traditional payments and workflow processes. The need for education around this evolving ecosystem became clear: How to evolve from conventional transactions and processes to electronic?

Moving to Digital

Payment processing types have grown, and with them have come services meant to enhance customer experiences — but this doesn’t mean businesses have been easy to move to digital. Making the switch from paper checks to digital payments, for instance, has been rough for companies: how do you complete a transaction without account information? So how can digital transformation and credit processing peacefully coexist?

Payment processors established new networks as a solution for clients to present financial details, create profits, and allow electronic deposits or payments. For instance, Zelle lets users register with a unique identifying ‘token,’ which is their email address or phone number. Then users can facilitate deposits and payments without providing sensitive banking information.

When banks harness these networks, they can effectively and securely facilitate digital payments while avoiding the challenges of analog payment processing, which in turn helps consumers and small businesses modernize their payment methods and processes. One of these modern financial solutions is mobile remote deposit capture or mRDC.

Digital Transformation and Credit Processing: What is mRDC?

Mobile remote deposit capture allows consumers to use their phone or another mobile device to deposit a paper check electronically. mRDC requires a mobile or web app from the banking institution used by the consumer. The app allows the user to choose which account the deposit should go into. Then, the device’s camera captures a photo of the front and back of the paper check. Next, the image is scanned for identifying account information, and the transaction is processed more efficiently and conveniently than having to drive to the bank to make the deposit physically.

Consumers tend to seek out banks that offer this technology. For businesses using mRDC, they can enjoy:

Security remains a hot topic, even with the enhanced capabilities of mRDC and other digital payments solutions.

Why Security is Still Essential in Digital Transformation and Credit Processing

Digital payments have come a long way — but so have criminals. It seems that as fast as technology can evolve, so can the sophistication of fraudulent actors. Real-time payments are a double-edged sword: a fantastic solution for consumers and a faster means of fraud. According to Co-Op Solutions, fraud on Cash App rose 300% in 2021. In addition, the FBI reported in 2020 that the year saw more fraud complaints from January through May than 2019.

So, even as technology evolves, security protocols must also adapt. For example, regardless of the processing method chosen, how do you verify the person using a payment app or card has the authority to do so? Utilizing new capabilities such as pre-validation is one option. Secure databases like the National Shared Database from Early Warning and real-time account validation can confirm both the validity of the account and its status, as well as who owns the account helping decrease risk and prevent fraud before payment is authorized.

Digital Transformation and Credit Processing: Perpetual Evolution

The payments industry is on a long-term trajectory toward growth. Paper-based checks and transactions become impractical daily, pushing consumers to engage with digital payment solutions. Banks outsource this capability to continue servicing clients with traditional services while supporting the digital journey.

There’s never been a more exciting time in the payment processing industry. With real-time payments, services, and the modernization of legacy systems and processes, there’s an opportunity to offer customers improved services in a digital landscape — but with robust security and enhanced efficiency. 

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