Today is a big day for shopping online — and that’s a huge understatement.
Experts (Adobe Digital Insights) predict that more than $3.34 billion in sales will take place today — Cyber Monday — but those numbers could be conservative.
Online sales on Black Friday alone increased by 21% over last year and the entire Thanksgiving holiday weekend saw internet sales top $5 billion, a nearly 18% increase from the year before. Those numbers completely obliterated predictions.
PayPal reported that nearly one-third of those purchases were made on mobile phones over the weekend. In fact, it is expected that for the first time ever, mobile commerce will exceed desktop-based purchases for the first time ever, but will account for only 34% of all purchases.
The National Retail Federation predicted that shoppers will spend more than half of their holiday budget online and from the looks of it, maybe even more than that.
If you’re one of those consumers who will log on tonight and look for bargains near and far, remember these key points to remaining safe online:

  • Make sure you connect to the internet on a secure network. Open networks are prone to hackers.
  • You’re better off using a credit card for those online purchases. Debit card fraud can result in much high losses.
  • Research businesses that you are unfamiliar with before placing an order.

And if you’re a merchant that sat in your storefront and watched Black November, Black Friday and now Cyber Monday pass you by because you don’t have an ecommerce or mcommerce enabled account, contact NMA today before you miss out on Green Monday too.
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