The quiet little town of Wildomar, CA isn’t so quiet anymore. Nor is it so little. Now a full-fledged incorporated town on the outskirts of the TemeculaMurrieta metro area, Wildomar is a fast-growing city that boasts new custom homes, shops and restaurants, and a host of recreational opportunities while retaining a charming country feel.

The town is nestled in the hills just north of Murrieta and situated south of Lake Elsinore’s expansive shores. Proximity to a host of water activities at Lake Elsinore makes living in Wildomar, CA an attractive option, as does its closeness to the world-famous Temecula wine country to the south.

Wildomar, California is an eclectic mix of country ranch-style, open homes and modern houses featuring the amenities of big city living. The town’s public schools are also top-notch and work in conjunction to serve the growing population accordingly. Merchants have fared well here whether they open up mom and pop boutique shops or franchise chain stores and restaurants.

Businesses in need of payment processing and dedicated merchant services in the Wildomar area are always encouraged to partner with a local company that is committed to the success of other local businesses. That’s just what National Merchants Association specializes in.

Credit Card Processing Services in Wildomar, CA

NMA is the only global merchant services company based locally in the Wildomar area (headquarters are in Temecula). First and foremost, we’re a merchant advocacy group that works to eliminate the unnecessary and unreasonable fees that are associated with accepting credit card payments. We also help businesses become more successful as well as more profitable. We’ve carved a unique niche within the payments industry, delivering customizable merchant services in Wildomar and including credit card processing among other payment processing solutions. NMA has consistently delivered value as Wildomar’s premier merchant services provider, delivering brick-and-mortar and online payments solutions for businesses of all types.

Connect with a local merchant services provider committed to being your business partner that can steer your business to success and profitability and contact NMA today! National Merchants Association is Wildomar’s most experienced payment processing specialist and we work with both online and brick-and-mortar merchants.

We’ve been providing expert merchant services for businesses of all types for over a decade and we look forward to showing you how Payments Made Personal® can help your business be more than you thought possible.

Small Business Merchant Services in Wildomar, CA

No matter what your business is – whether you run a restaurant or retail establishment for instance, rest assured that National Merchants Association is ready and able to provide the very best payment processing for your business. We’re very proud of our credit card processing experience including our track record.

In-store payments like those found in various Wildomar shops, bars, and restaurants are quite different from online payments – in many ways. For starters, in-store (brick-and-mortar) consumers typically have the ability to pay for their goods using a variety of methods including cash, credit and debit cards, and mobile payments. Compare this to online consumers who are generally required to pay for products using only credit or debit cards.

Customers who shop at brick and mortar stores are able to use different forms of payment if they are enabled by the merchant. Aside from paying with cash and credit and debit cards, these in-store payment methods can also include:

  • EMV (chip card technology)
  • Digital wallets
  • EBT and other government-assisted forms of payment

Credit cards issued with EMV® chips have become the norm. EMV® is a new requirement of credit card security – in addition to being a security standard. Cards utilizing this technology became a requirement in late 2015. EMV® stands for Europay, Mastercard, and Visa and it’s basically fraud-reducing technology in the form of a microchip. This advanced chip can help protect consumers and merchants against the use of counterfeit as well as lost or stolen payment cards at the point of sale.

With the use of a valid PIN (personal identification number), EMV® cards provide an extra level of security that makes card duplication virtually impossible. With EMV® adoption now a requirement, fraud liability rests solely on the merchant. It’s now a merchant’s responsibility if their payment terminals or point of sale (POS) equipment is not compatible with EMV® technology.

National Merchants Association goes to great lengths to ensure that our merchants are equipped with the latest hardware and software options that are EMV®-compatible as well as safe and secure.

The Wildomar Lifestyle

Living in Wildomar, CA provides residents with the quintessential southern California lifestyle. With quick access to nearby mountains and the Pacific Ocean, skiing, snowboarding, fishing, and sailing are all day trip possibilities. Wildomar lends itself to a mild climate year-round with warm summers that are ideal for recreational pursuits.

The local infrastructure is strong with good schools, active community centers, and emergency response teams, not to mention a thriving local economy. Once thought of as a sleepy, rural town, Wildomar is now turning into a charming and modern country destination for residents looking for a little slower pace of life but with the comforts of modern living.

Wildomar’s proximity to world-famous Temecula wine country, beautiful snow-capped mountains in the near distance, multiple desert hotspots like Palm Springs, and San Diego to the south, as well as Los Angeles to the northwest make the town a very attractive hub of development and living.

The community of Wildomar also rallies around its people, coming together for various events that are organized and put on by the city and its service-minded citizens. The people of Wildomar are friendly and outgoing. National Merchants Association is not only committed to providing the best merchant services in Wildomar, we’re also committed to giving back to the community. Our Give-It-Back Program benefits local non-profit businesses and helps add to the overall betterment of the community.

Advanced Payment Processing Services in Wildomar, CA

credit card processing Wildomar CA

National Merchants Association is dedicated to providing our Wildomar merchants with state-of-the-art POS systems and payment terminals including software that accepts payments of all types – like EMV® and mobile payments that use NFC (near-field communication) technology. On top of this, we’re committed to providing unrivaled service with a personal touch.

Besides customizing solutions with a personal feel, we work to keep our merchants happy while keeping their businesses safe and secure by installing advanced hardware that accepts multiple payment options and integrating it with powerful software that offers full integration. We utilize cutting edge technology including the latest mobile and wireless platforms, which allows our merchants to accept multiple forms of payments in addition to credit cards. Doing so keeps consumers satisfied and provides added convenience for them – ensuring repeat customers and increasing customer loyalty.

We specialize in advanced expert merchant services in the greater Wildomar area and we’re happy and willing to provide our expert experience to all businesses in the Temecula Valley that need help with their processing.

In addition to traditional brick and mortar (physical storefront) processing, National Merchants Association is Wildomar’s high risk merchant account payment processing leader. Whether it’s in-store or online payments, our services are designed to help each and every merchant we serve and provide the very best payment processing and merchant services in Wildomar. With over 10 years of experience and a personalized approach to the unique businesses in our area, we’re confident that our expertise will make any merchant successful as well as increase its profitability.

A Credit Card Processor That Works for You®

For more than 10 years, NMA has provided sound merchant services for businesses of all types in the Wildomar area. We make it personal because to us, it’s much more than credit cards or processing payments – it’s about forming lasting relationships with our partners. Since 2004, we’ve taken our message of education and advocacy well beyond Wildomar, reaching the far corners of the United States and even overseas.

We’ve taken our message of advocacy and education to Washington D.C., lobbying Congress to encourage legislators to support the needs of merchants in positive ways, helping to keep costs low for businesses to operate, effectively providing additional reasons for consumers to continue to shop at their establishments.

NMA also strives to provide the highest ratio of support personnel to agents and merchants in the industry. This allows us to provide highly customizable plans and create personalized experiences every step of the way, anticipating possible challenges before they occur, giving us the ability to be proactive and take positive action.

When you partner with National Merchants Association, you can be assured of a dedicated and passionate set of industry experts who personally stand behind their work. Unlike working with “big box” payment processors or the banks themselves, we provide in-house services from the best in the business. From front-line expert merchant account support to our own risk analysts and our underwriting, technology, and legal and finance teams, we pride ourselves on hiring and training the industry’s finest representatives.

NMA takes a personal approach with each and every merchant we serve – and it definitely shows. We treat each merchant differently and understand that they are all different and unique. We take the time to get to know every account we service which goes a long way to ensure long-lasting and profitable partnerships.

We believe in truthfulness and our work is based on a real promise of transparency. Discover for yourself how lower processing costs along with our goal of 100% merchant satisfaction can drive your business to new heights. Contact NMA to speak with a Wildomar merchant account specialist today!

A True Wildomar Merchant Services Specialist

If your business is in need of payment processing in the local Wildomar area, contact NMA today. We’re Wildomar’s premier merchant services provider for all types of businesses. We work with both online and brick-and-mortar merchants and specialize in both high risk and low risk merchant account services. If you’re looking for the best merchant account provider in the Temecula Valley, look no further. We look forward to being your partner in business and adding profitability!

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