The ability for small to mid-sized businesses to offer financing to its customers can’t be understated.

With impressive percentages like the 77% of consumers saying the availability of financing drove their choice of retailer. That means while visiting a merchant’s shop, on-the-spot decisions are being made based on financing options.

And then there’s the topic of spending totals — each year it is estimated that consumer finance spending reaches $391 billion that number is climbing.

Statistics also prove that the average ticket amount increases per merchant when consumer financing is an option.

National Merchants Association offers one of the best consumer finance options on the market via its membership program.

“We are excited to bring big business lending abilities to local merchants,” said Timothy Reynolds, Direct of Member Support for National Merchants Association. “We offer a dynamic lending program that allows merchants the ability to compete with big box stores with zero risks and zero added cost.”

The boarding process for merchants is simple and more importantly, getting customers approved is even easier.

“The best part of this program is the seamless application,” Reynolds said. “Customers can apply online, or with a smartphone or tablet and the process is second to none as far as usability. The entire approval process is also done without a hard inquiry to the customer’s credit report.”

Merchants also have the ability to use promotional offers in their marketing plans by offering no interest programs for 6, 12 or 24 months.

“Another great thing about the program is that merchants are paid via ACH directly when the sale is completed,” Reynolds said.


To learn more about National Merchants Association’s membership program, click here or call and talk to a representative at (866) 509-7199.