Aran January

Aran January

TEMECULA, CA – National Merchants Association (NMA) is pleased to welcome the new Vice President of Risk & Underwriting, Aran January.  He brings a wealth of financial industry experience. Aran previously worked as a Director of Fraud Strategy and Operations at Green Dot Corporation, a pioneer in prepaid debit cards. He has also served in multiple roles for Fortune 500 companies including T-Mobile USA, Motorola, and Arthur Anderson.

January spent three years lecturing and consulting on fraud issues in Tokyo. Despite his track record of innovation in both tech and business, Aran was looking for a way to make a bigger contribution. “Working with large Fortune 500 companies was exciting,” said January, “but it also involved quite a bit of bureaucracy. I had been looking for an opportunity to work with a smaller, faster-growing and more dynamic team, where I can have a greater impact – which is what led me to join NMA.”

January received a BA from the University of Notre Dame and recently attended Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business, where he received his MBA.  Always looking to learn and grow, Aran is currently studying at the Kelley School of Business for his MS in Business Analytics. 

“Aran’s commitment to innovation, and his dedication to continuously learning and upgrading his skillset is  what makes him an ideal fit for NMA,” said NMA CEO Heather Altepeter.

As part of NMA’s expert team, January intends to streamline the onboarding experience for NMA’s clients. “Onboarding has long been a cumbersome and frustrating process,” said January. “Some newer payment tech companies have streamlined the process, but those firms fall short on underwriting and risk management – so it can be ‘easy’ to get started, but they will shut you down when you try to scale your business. My goal at NMA is to combine streamlined onboarding with personalized underwriting to help independent merchants focus on their core business and scale up successfully.”

January is already working tirelessly to speed up and streamline the merchant approval process at NMA, including new software development as well as improvements to the existing Merchant and Agent Portals – so that NMA members can focus on running their businesses during these challenging times, knowing their payments are being handled safely and securely. While many large banks will turn down small businesses looking for a merchant account, NMA aims to help get those businesses approved and generating income as quickly as possible.

“We’re pleased to have Aran as the newest member of our executive team,” said Altepeter. “As merchant advocates, we look for leaders who are passionate about helping small businesses, and who are experts in their field. By investing in top quality team members, we aim to provide the best possible service and performance to our members. We look forward to seeing Aran’s efforts pay off in faster boarding times, longer MID lifespans, and greater profitability for our merchants and agents.”


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