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At National Merchants Association, we’re different.

You’re an expert in your business, let us be the expert in ours.

At National Merchants Association, we will:

  • setup your account properly
  • maintain it
  • keep your costs low
  • allow you to focus on what you do best …

Run your business!

NMA Difference

Our Promise To You:

We will tell you the truth about accepting credit cards and educate you on ways to keep costs low.

Don’t fall for “Guaranteed Lowest Rates” promises. Low rates don’t matter if your transactions aren’t qualifying there. It’s not always out of malice that processors overcharge; it's simply a lack of maintenance. They don't have the time and/or desire to setup and maintain each of their merchant's accounts accurately, thus resulting in unnecessary surcharges and fees.

But at National Merchants Association, we’re different!

Our expert account optimizers individually evaluate and maintain your merchant account. By constantly re-assigning the cards you accept to qualifying categories, we make the majority of your transactions “qualify”, eliminating the costly surcharges and downgrade fees that some processors charge.