National Merchants Association introduces their 2015 ProAgent Partner Program. The program offers their ISOs and agents the chance to choose the way they earn their income.

With this new program, National Merchants Association offers their sales agents two options to earn. The first offers 100% lifetime residuals; the second is comprised of an upfront bonus for each deal submitted and an anniversary bonus program.

“Since launching the 2014 ProAgent Partner Program more than a year ago, we have learned that our agents enjoy the freedom to determine the pricing for their merchants,” National Merchants Association CEO, Heather Petersen, says. “So for our 2015 program, we are offering the opportunity for agents to determine their own earnings.”

Choose How You Get Paid!

National Merchants Association offers agents the ability to choose how they get paid based on each deal they submit. The agent is the determining factor of their income, and may customize each deal by choosing a different compensation schedule to suit their needs. This facet of the 2015 ProAgent Partner Program is what differentiates National Merchants Association from similar ISO/agent programs.

“National Merchants Association recognizes which important components each ISO and agent prioritize and seek out when partnering with a merchant services provider,” Petersen explains. “A unique ProAgent Partner Program that puts the agent in charge of their compensation and rewards them for a job well done is a fundamental element that builds synergy between National Merchants Association and our agents.”

In addition to offering this 2015 ProAgent Partner Program, National Merchants Association is still a leading expert specializing in high risk payment processing. Other programs they’re launching this year include a Free POS Program, enhanced Flat Rate Program, and new membership options.

National Merchants Association agents can take advantage of the 2015 ProAgent Partner Program beginning in 2015*. Details about this program are available at

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